Traditional Korean Hanbok Experience at Goguan Studio


The thing that I love the most about history would be the clothing. I love period clothing — big dresses, corsets, fans, hair sticks, European costumes, Asian costumes, everything! I’ve always wished to dress up in period clothing and have pictures taken. I’m head over heels in love with the pageantry of it all. While I was planning my trip to Seoul, I came across this video from one of the Youtubers that I follow, Professor Oh.

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More Fun at Sky Ranch Pampanga

Who here loves theme parks? I do! I may be 26 years old but theme parks still hold the same magic for me as they did when I was 4. In the Philippines, two of our biggest theme parks are in the South — Enchanted Kingdom and Sky Ranch Tagaytay. But how about our fellowmen of the North? Well, worry no more! Because on November 30,2014, the new Sky Ranch Pampanga will be unveiled in a Grand Launch! Excited yet? Here’s a sneak peek what Sky Ranch Pampanga has in store for you:

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