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How to Ride the Tokyo Metro

How to Ride the Tokyo Metro

I will be honest and admit that I needed a lot of time to adjust and get used to the Japanese train stations and their metro. The sheer size of the train stations, especially the Japan Rail (JR) Station, overwhelmed me. There was a north exit, a south exit, a... read more
How to Apply for a Japan Visa

How to Apply for a Japan Visa

As of this writing, Filipinos still have to apply for a Japan Visa. This may sound daunting to many but it actually is a very simple process compared to applying for a UK Visa or a Schengen Visa, both of which I have successfully applied for previously. In addition to... read more
Hostel Good Manners 101

Hostel Good Manners 101

Hostel culture isn’t very widespread in the Philippines yet. Maybe because accommodations here are generally inexpensive. What I see in this country are hotels and motels, rarely the dorm type hostels that are very popular in Europe. Having experienced staying... read more
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